Bombardier CS100 Series

Flight Service – Challenging Airports Pack


Fly to the most challenging airports in Europe with stringent rules imposed to limit the noise impact from aircraft operations, very short runway and steep glideslope!

Product includes two separate set of flights for each title (one for FSX, one for FS2004). Each flight set includes three Missions / Adventures:

Flight Service Challenging AirportsPack Bundle includes 3 titles already released as single product:


LX883 – Cagliari to Lugano


Departs from Cagliari Elmas and fly to Lugano Airport in a Bombaridier CS100 Swiss Air. The Lugano airport’s instrument approach procedure is quite challenging because of its steep angle of descent of 6.65°, more than double of the standard approach angle of 3°. This is due to its geographic location in the mouth of a valley.

Route: CAgliari Elmas Airport (LIEE, Italy) to Lugano Airport (LSZA, Switzerland)

Covered by: Bombardier CS100 Series Swiss Air

Flight Duration: 55 minutes

Approach Duration: 35 minutes

Short Final Duration: 15 Minutes

Sim Version: FSX / FS2004

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